Friday, July 26, 2019

Welcome to My Blog!

Hi everyone! My name is Adalina Packard and I finally got around to starting my blog, "Adalina Packard Blog".

On this website I will be talking about my experience with fixing various health problems, including migraines, acid reflux, and a whole lot more.

My goal is to provide the best information possible. I hope to publish weekly! Though I'm not sure how many posts will actually be made as I am quite busy with the kids and the husband!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Truth About Migraines

In a perfect world, you would solve the root cause of your migraines.

If only it were so simple!

For now, let’s be realistic and focus on why you have a migraine.

Have you ever thought about it?

What actually causes the stabbing pain behind your eye?

Let’s use oversleeping as an example.

Some people get migraines when they oversleep.

But did the oversleeping cause the pain?


Oversleeping simply caused a biological reaction that restricted the blood vessels in your brain.

The blood vessel restriction is what is causing your pain.

Make sense?

Everyone gets migraines for different reasons, but the outcome is always the same:

Blood vessels in your brain being restricted.

You can actually feel when it happens.

Some describe it as a pounding or throbbing pain that comes in waves.

Your heart is pumping, and trying to move blood around your body...

But it’s getting stuck in the restricted blood vessels in your brain, which causes you pain.

So, the ultimate goal is (of course) to fix the cause of your migraines...

But for RIGHT NOW…

If you want pain relief, what you need to focus on is getting your blood vessels back to normal.

Pills can help, but the best way to do it is not through a pill.

It’s through deep breathing exercises.

Nothing other than deep breathing exercises will fix your migraine fast.

Because nothing other than deep breathing exercises will help your blood vessels relax!

I’ll warn you: it feels a little forced when you first start.

Because you have a migraine.

And the migraine hurts.

A lot.

But it’s so worth it.

The instant relief from the pain is nothing short of euphoric.

For deep breathing exercises, I can personally recommend the routine from Christian Goodman.

Christian has a routine called the Natural Migraine and Headache Program.

It’s based around this idea of blood vessel restriction.

By following his routine, you won’t solve the root cause of your migraines.

But it’s an immediate pain relief solution that can get rid of a migraine on-demand.

Basically, it’s realistic.

Christian doesn’t promise that you will never get migraines.

But if you do get a migraine, his advice can help get rid of it NOW.

His routine takes about 15 minutes to do.

(I know it does because I use it all the time.)

For me personally, the migraine is considerably dulled after I finish.

After 30 minutes the pain is completely gone.

Just like that.

Every time.

I can happily say that migraines no longer ruin my day.

Deep breathing exercises are one of those things that I recommend everyone try.

Because you don’t deserve to suffer from migraines.

None of us do.

To learn more about the deep breathing routine for migraine relief, CLICK HERE.

From the bottom of my heart, I hope you feel better.

Because there’s no other way to put it: migraines suck!

- Adalina

Welcome to My Blog!

Hi everyone! My name is Adalina Packard and I finally got around to starting my blog, "Adalina Packard Blog". On this website I ...